Leak detection and leak testing in production and maintenance

Here you will find products and solutions for leak detection and leak testing in industrial production as well as for maintenance purposes both indoors, outdoors and in hazardous environments.

h2oSensistor, today INFICON, is the pioneer that created the Hydrogen Method for leak detection. INFICON develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of instruments for leak detection and leak testing with a variety of gases. Leak detection with hydrogen and helium is the right choice when soap spray, water bath and pressure decay are not good enough and is today used all over the world in a multitude of applications. Welcome to have a look at the world of Hydrogen Leak Detection.

I use soap water. Is tracer gas for me?
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For maintenance purposes INFICON offers the broadest range on the market in Hydrogen, Helium and Refrigerant leak detectors – from easy to advanced leak detectors, for small and large leaks. If you want to know more about the leak detection range from INFICON – please visit www.inficon.com
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How big is your leak?

Try Bubbelizer a fun way to translate bubbles into a leak flow …