Hydrogen Leak Detectors are the best option for leak test of a wide range of automotive components as for example the engine block. Leak detection with hydrogen tracer gas is also the best option for finding leaks of a size that would leak liquids such as water, fuel and oils, or in environments with occasional large leaks.

Engine Leak Testing

Engine leak testing is especially important as any leakage can damage and eventually destroy the entire engine. This Application Note will provide a general overview of typical engine testing procedures prior to fluid filling. The test will pin-point leaks that would potentially leak fuel, oil or coolant.The unique method involving the use of inexpensive forming gas (5 % hydrogen and 95 % nitrogen) as tracer gas combines unmatched measuring properties with user-friendly technology, low costs and minimal service requirements.Examples of industrial products that can be leak tested with the Hydrogen Leak Detectors:

Cylinder heads
Drive shafts
Engine assemblies
Exhaust pipes
Exhaust valves
Four wheel drive systems
Fuel injectors
Fuel pipes
Fuel rails
Fuel valves
Gear boxes
Oil coolers
Oil pipes
Oil tanks
Transmision assemblies
repair lines