Hydrogen Leak Detectors are the best option for a wide range of industries and maintenance applications, especially for finding leaks of a size that would leak liquids such as water, fuel and oils, or in environments with occasional large
leaks.The unique method involving the use of inexpensive forming gas (5 % hydrogen and 95 % nitrogen) as tracer gas combines unmatched measuring properties with user-friendly technology, low costs and minimal service requirements.

Examples of industrial products that can be leak tested with the Hydrogen Leak Detectors:

Analysis probes for bedrock inspection
Boat engines
Casted pump housings
Chemical plant maintenance
Cylinders for compressed air
Electrical shavers
Electrical generators (hydrogen cooled)
Fuel ducts
Fuel pumps
Fuel stations
Gas bottles
Heat exchangers
Hermetic cells
Hermetic systems
Hot air ducts
Hydraulic cylinders
Industrial cleaning systems
Inflatable rescue equipment
Metallurgical research
Nuclear power plant maintenance
Oxygen sensors
Plastic cans
Plastic caps
Plate heat exchangers
Power switch boxes
Pressure decay systems
Process installations
Rolls for paper mill
Safety valves
Stainless steel hoses
Telecom switch boxes
Tube connectors
Tunnel fire fumes evacuation
TV camera elevators
Vacuum pumps
Vacuum systems
Water boilers
Water coolers
Water valves
Water heaters