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Leak Detection with the Hydrogen Method

The Sensistor Leak Detectors belongs to a family of instruments based on the hydrogen method.
This method is the natural choice when soapwater, pressure decay, or water dunking does not give you the quality testing you need. Thanks to the high sensitivity of the instrument, and the user friendly behaviour in high tracer gas background situations, it may also be an alternative to helium in some applications.

The hydrogen method involves injecting a safe, environmentally-friendly tracer gas containing 5% hydrogen in nitrogen into the test object. A unique 100% selective hydrogen sensor tells the operator where the leak is and how big it is. Using the inexpensive forming gas as tracer gas makes the Hydrogen Leak Detectors an excellent option for a wide range of production and maintenance applications, especially for finding leaks of a size that would leak liquids such as water, fuel and oils.

Diluted Hydrogen tracer gas INFICON

About Hydrogen

Hydrogen is actually the lightest element in the universe and hydrogen gas is the lightest of all gases. Its molecules move with a much higher velocity than any other molecule and therefore escape through leaks quicker than other gases. It also dissipates quicker than other gases thereby minimizing the risk for build-up background interference during leak testing.
If you worry about increased background concentrations, try 5% Hydrogen as tracer gas. This is also the least expensive tracer gas you can buy.

Some leaks are so big that you can see them or hear them. Other leaks are so small that you need a vacuum system to detect them. Most leaks are in the range between these extremes and can be detected with hydrogen tracer gas.

H2 has some unique properties making it a superb tracer gas for leak testing:

• Lightest molecule
• Low background in air (0.5 ppm)
• Environmentally friendly and a renewable natural resource
• Inexpensive
• Non flammable (when purchased ready mixed 5% Hydrogen in Nitrogen)
• Non-toxic and non-corrosive
Never use pure hydrogen for leak testing. We recommend to use a standard industrial gas mixture consisting of 5% hydrogen in nitrogen, available from almost all gas supplier (often called Forming Gas).

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