Industrial Gas Fillers

Sensistor ILS500-F
Leak Detection Filler

Sensistor ILS500 F is the filler version of the Leak Detection System Sensistor ILS500, with complete tooling and gas filling function, without the leak detector unit. Available also in high pressure version, it can perform a complete test sequence, from gas injection and evacuation to tooling connection and disconnection, gross leak test, vacuum decay test, pressure decay test, blockage test and recipe handling.

Leaflet Sensistor ILS500 F

Tracer Gas Filler

The TGF11 is an accessory to INFICON hydrogen and helium leak detectors, such as Sensistor Sentrac Hydrogen Leak Detector. It is a stand-alone instrument which allows for easy and reliable tracer gas filling and evacuating. The TGF11 Tracer Gas Filler ensures that the entire test object is filled with tracer gas at the right time and at the right pressure. It also evacuates the tracer gas after the test avoiding contamination of the work area.

Leaflet TGF11

Injection Pads

When performing leak detection on aircraft fuel tanks, Injection Pads are used to inject tracer gas via the outside exit point. When the gas has been injected, the Ex-certified leak detector Extrima is recommended for pin-pointing the leak inside the fuel tank. The pads can stand up to 0,5 bar (7 psi) using a durable glue which doesn’t damage the surface on which it is applied. The pads are available in sizes Small (60 mm) and Large (150 mm) and come in packs of ten.

Injection Fix Kit

The easiest way to find fuel tank leaks when they are located on uneven surfaces is to inject tracer gas by using the INFICON Injection Fix Kit. The product includes PVC tubes, cutter, aluminium tape, injection plug, mylar film and sealant tape. An injection plug can easily be applied to uneven surfaces. After the tracer gas has been injected, the leak can be pin-pointed from the inside of the tank using Ex-certified leak detector Extrima.

Injection Panel

Injection Panel is an accessory to Ex-certified leak detector Extrima. INFICON has developed the Injection Panel for easy tracer gas injection from bottle to Injection Pads or injection plug when leak detecting on aircraft fuel tanks. Connect the gas bottle via the panel, which has a built in regulator and manometer, directly onto the leak. Mounted on the panel is also a reference leak for easy calibration of Extrima. The Injection Panel helps you see to that you have the right pressure at the right time and that your instrument is calibrated and ready for use.

Complete Gas Injection Kit

A complete set of accessories for easy tracer gas filling when leak detecting on airplane fuel tanks. The equipment includes Injection Pads in two sizes, Injection Fix Kit and Injection Panel with transport case.