Industrial Leak Detectors

INFICON offers a wide range of gas leak detectors.
Below some examples of hydrogen leak detectors for all types of industrial production.

The Sensistor industrial Leak Detectors belong to a family of instruments based on the hydrogen method and are largely used in all types of industrial production. Sensistor Leak Detectors are ideal for finding both small and large leaks, in small and large production volumes. The Hydrogen method involves injecting a safe, environmentally-friendly tracer gas containing 5% hydrogen in nitrogen into the test object. A unique 100% selective hydrogen sensor tells the operator where the leak is and how big it is.

Sensistor Sentrac
Hydrogen Leak Detector – desktop model

The Sensistor Sentrac Hydrogen Leak Detector is a modern detector for industrial use. The instrument offers leak locating in a variety of situations both on the production and repair lines. Thanks to its unique ability to handle small and large leaks as well as high background levels of tracer gas, this leak detector is highly adaptable.
The detector´s hand probe is designed for maximum ergonomics and efficiency. Controlled by a multi-function button it is equipped with LED lamps illuminating the area tested for leaks for more reliable pinpointing. The hand probe is also equipped with an easy-to-read OLED display to provide information about the entire leak detection process directly in the palm of your hand.

Leaflet Sensistor Sentrac

Sensistor Sentrac- portable model
Hydrogen Leak Detector – portable model

The Sensistor Sentrac Hydrogen Leak Detector is available also as battery operated model. With long operating life per charge, the unit is the perfect service instrument.

Leaflet Sensistor Sentrac

Sensistor ISH2000
Hydrogen Leak Detector – desktop model

Hydrogen Leak Detector Sensistor ISH2000 is the new and improved model replacing the old H2000 for leak detection in industrial production. It uses diluted hydrogen as tracer gas, finding leaks down to 1x10E-7 mbarl/s. New functions and new intelligent handprobe will make your leak testing more efficient than ever before. The picture shows the desktop model.

Leaflet Sensistor ISH2000

Sensistor ISH2000P
Hydrogen Leak Detector – for panel mounting

Hydrogen Leak Detector Sensistor ISH2000P is the panel version of the ISH2000. Designed for integration into industrial leak test systems, this leak detection equipment allows reliable leak test and tightness control of your test object.

Leaflet Sensistor ISH2000P

Sensistor ISH2000 HySpeed
Hydrogen Leak Detector – for high speed testing

Hydrogen Leak Detector Sensistor ISH2000 HySpeed is a version of the panel mount detector ISH2000P. Designed for high speed testing of packages in line after filling and sealing, it allows several tests per second speeding up processes in industrial production.

Leaflet Sensistor ISH2000 HySpeed

Hydrogen Leak Detector – Ex-classified

Extrima Leak Detector is the worldís first intrinsically safe leak detector using Hydrogen tracer gas, designed for leak detection in the toughest of environments, including explosion hazardous areas. Extrima fulfills the ATEX directive for use in Zone 0 ñ ATEX Classification Ex ia, IIC T3. Additional Ex-certificates are IECEx, CSA and NEPSI. Portable (4,5 kg), water protected (IP67) and with more than 8 hours battery capacity, Extrima can be applied in the chemical, petrochemical, aviation and petroleum industries.

Leaflet Extrima


iecex-retuchExtrima Hydrogen Leak Detector is approved and certified according to ATEX (Europe), IECEx (International), CSA (North America) and NEPSI (China). The IECEx approval is sufficient for sales in some countries, but many countries still require national approval based on IECEx certificate.

Download Atex-certificate

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Sensistor ILS500
Leak Detection System – for quick start

Leak Detection System Sensistor ILS500 is a complete system for leak testing, tracer gas handling, tooling control and test sequencing – all behind an easy to use color touch screen display. The compact instrument helps you get a fast start for your leak testing by guiding you through the setting of parameters. Equipped with a wide range of accessories, the ILS500 meets all test requirements and offers a large variety of test possibilities. It is available in Standard, High Pressure and Filler version

Leaflet Sensistor ILS500

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