Leak Detectors for maintenance of Public Utilities

Leak detectors for quick and reliable maintenance of pressurized telecom cables, water pipes and power generators

Telecom – Leak detection is a natural part of telecom cables maintenance. INFICON leak detectors are today a standard leak detection solution for a large number of network owners.

Water – Leaks on water pipes, both indoor and outdoor, can be located safely and accurately with leak detectors from INFICON.

Electricity – Hydrogen cooled generators and water cooled rectifiers are examples of products that can be easily checked for leaks with hydrogen leak detectors (available both with and witout Ex-classification). The faster and more accurately you can locate a leak, the more you stand to gain in time and profitability. With the reliable and sensitive Hydrogen Leak Detectors you can quickly locate any leak, whether the pipes or cables are hidden or buried.

Sensistor XRS9012
Hydrogen Leak Detector

The Sensistor XRS9012 Leak Detector offers a highly sensitive and flexible leak detection system in a heavy-duty, smart and ergonomically designed package. It is the ideal tool for detecting leaks on water and gas pipes, pressurized telephone cables, power generators etc. To be able to detect both minor and major leaks the Sensistor XRS9012 features a sensitivity adjustor to instantly adapt to any detection condition – it helps you to locate leaks much quicker and saves both time and money.

Leaflet Sensistor XRS9012

Hydrogen Leak Detector

Extrima Leak Detector is the world’s first intrinsically safe leak detector using Hydrogen tracer gas, designed for leak detection in the toughest of environments, including explosion hazardous areas. Extrima fulfills the ATEX directive for use in Zone 0 – ATEX Classification Ex ia, IIC T3. Additional Ex-certificates are IECEx, CSA and NEPSI. Portable (4,5 kg), water protected (IP67) and with up to 12 hours battery capacity, Extrima can be applied in the chemical, petrochemical, aviation and petroleum industries.

Leaflet Extrima


Extrima Hydrogen Leak Detector is approved and certified according to ATEX (Europe), IECEx (International), CSA (North America) and NEPSI (China). The IECEx approval is sufficient for sales in some countries, but many countries still require national approval based on IECEx certificate.

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See how easy it is to locate a leak in buried telecom cables using the XRS9012 from INFICON