Leak locating with hydrogen tracer gas

leak location INFICON
If you know that your test object is leaking you may want to know where the leak is. Either for being able to repair rejected products, or for monitoring weak spots in your production process.

Hydrogen tracer gas is ideal for pin-pointing leaks of any size. Soaping may be very cheap, but doesn’t work if the leaks are small. Even big leaks are difficult to see with soap because the air blows away the soap film. Other tracer gases are either too heavy or too sticky and tends to linger around the leak thereby making it difficult to pin-point a leak.

Hydrogen tracer gas is ideal. Hydrogen is so light that it spreads evenly out from the leak and does not give you false locations. Because it disperses so easy you easily avoid background problems.

Hydrogen leak detectors from INFICON are specially designed for locating leaks with maximum ease. Exactly locating leaks have never been easier. Switch on the detector, move the hand probe over the object, listen to the sound signal and there will be no doubts where the leak is. We are talking fractions of an inch accuracy.

If you do leak testing using an air pressure decay meter you may get leaks in your test equipment or in the connections to the test object. These cause false rejects and must be found. Adding Tracer Gas Filler TGF11 and Hydrogen Leak Detector Sensistor Sentrac to your equipment allows you to locate these leaks and minimizes downtime.

If you want to see how easy it is, watch some of the Look-a-Leak films on this website or call us for a live demonstration.